Monday, January 30, 2012


With Valentine's Day around the corner, I have a growing fondness for the color pink. Pink and I have a love/hate relationship. I think I went a little pink crazy my freshman year of college, and then got really tired of it. But we're back on good terms, and I love a small dash of pink here and there.

Here are a few pink things that are really catching my eye, and a little gem of a videoclip from Funnyface that I stumbled upon. Enjoy!

Pink Strawberry Lemonade- looks delish!

This extension cord would add a nice pop of pink to a room.

Pink cloud- not much to say about this one other than I like it.

Love a little pale pink/blush. It reminds me of ballet slippers.
Anyone remember the Yink that would drink pink ink from "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish? It was my favorite Dr. Suess creature.

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