Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My newest food obsession? Squeezing as many vitamins in as I can in a "green smoothie." The idea of a green smoothie, (which I believe is becoming quite popular), did NOT sound appealing to me at all. My thoughts were, "Your smoothie is green. There is NO way that can taste edible, let alone good." Then one day I tried it. And I was wrong. The frozen fruit and juice totally masked the flavor of the greens I put in. It looked a bit muddier than the picture above, but it was really good! Here's what I put in the ones I make:

Frozen berries
Frozen pineapple
Frozen mango (Trader Joes has great frozen fruit options)
Chobani Vanilla Non-fat Yogurt (or whatever yogurt you can get your hands on is probably good)
Orange Juice or V8 VFusion juice (it's fruity, not veggie)
a handful or two of spinach or kale

Drink up!

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