Friday, April 29, 2011

Live Like A Ballerina

Today's post is inspired by ballet. I have been having WAY too much fun collecting images on Pinterest, which is where I came across all of these. The neat thing about the creative community is that everyone pulls inspiration from one another, whether they want to admit it or not. Which is why I want to clearly state that none of these images are mine, I simply had the joy of coming across them and arranging them in a pleasing manner to my eye. I have listed the sources below.

Live like a ballerina. What does that mean? I would say it means to live with grace. There's something so beautiful about ballet. It brings me back to my childhood full of rushing from one dance class to the next, wearing slicked back ballet buns, tights, flowy wrap-around skirts, and baby pink slippers. Lately I've been sporting the ballet bun once again (something I never thought I'd wear again) and am just in love with pale blush pink. Maybe that's what inspired today's post. Who knows, maybe I'll take up ballet again someday, just for myself :)

one: forest ballerina
two: candy ballerinas, bottles, water ballerinas
three: ballet bun with headband, ballet inspired outfit ensemble
four: christian dior ad, ballet shoes
five: ribbon hanging fixture, ribbon ponytail
six: beach ballerina

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