Thursday, June 9, 2011


My goals for year one of being married (that don't necessarily have anything to do with marriage):

- Spend regular quiet time with God and reading more of His word, and more time in prayer
- Learn how to re-upholster a chair with awesome fabric and do so
- Cook one new meal/dessert per week
- Always be reading a book on marriage
- Create a home out of a house, and do so as creatively and inexpensively as possible
- Intentionally pray every week about our future (specifically our career paths and where God can use us most)
- Learn how to balance becoming one while still always being and becoming our own very different and unique people inside of a marriage. And always appreciate those differences.
- Continue exercising on a regular basis. Learn how to make this a lifelong aspect of my life.
- Go on a road trip or even a mini road trip with Alan
- Have regular date nights
- Design and create my own set of stationary/cards
- Save money

This list will most likely grow. Any suggestions?

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