Monday, March 14, 2011

i said yes!

Anybody that's reading this probably already knows this, but i just have to officially announce it here. I'M ENGAGED!

Yep, although we've done things a little out of order, and I've been planning our summer wedding for awhile now, Alan still managed to surprise me the other weekend with his proposal.

The story: As I headed down to SD to spend the weekend with Alan, I had a sneaking, or well, hoping, suspicion that he might propose this weekend. However as the weekend went on, I tried to smother any disappointment as I concluded that it probably wasn't happening this weekend. Our Saturday was relaxed like any other we spend together- had yummy Con Pane cinnamon rolls and Peet's coffee together, drove around, almost went to Balboa Park to walk around and take pictures but it was closed, he showed me Embarcadero Park where he used to skate which i had never been to. took a nap.
then came the dinner date. we went to pizza nova, our fav. I still had no idea it was coming, because he was acting so casual and laidback with no schedule, no indication that things would be any different. after dinner on our way to go hottubbing he said we should stop and watch the sunset on our dock, a dock by the boats in the bay that overlook downtown San Diego. This was the first place we hungout together one-on-one before we started dating, as he helped me with a photo project for school.

So we parked and walked down to the dock, stopping to look at the boats. We were on the dock reminiscing, talking about when we had come there at the beginning of "us". Now in order to understand this part, you'll have to know that he calls me his "bug" (which evolved from katiebug). So that's always been our inside nickname for eachother. So he pulls out a small, white, round box with a screened lid, which was a small bugcatcher he had given me awhile back (and had secretly stolen back). He got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him, pulling the ring out of the box. and like the title says, i said yes! Well, it was more like, "Um, are you serious? Of course I will! I'm in shock right now..."Anyways, he finally caught his bug! He did SUCH a good job at surprising me, which I love.

And then Justin, Alan's roommate and our paparazzi flashed away as we hugged. He was quite stealth, hiding in one of the small boats in the water! Haha.

To wrap things up, I feel so very lucky and so excited to get to spend my life with this amazing man- my best friend and love of my life. Can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead for us, and where God leads us.

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