Friday, February 10, 2012


Let's talk Valentine's Day. It's tomorrow! Usually you love it or you hate it. I happen to fall on the love it side (not surprising, I know), and I did even when I was single. I see it as a day to show love to all the people in your life that you cherish, whether that's a significant other, a friend, or a family member. And let's be real, I also have a thing for pink + red + hearts!

I was going to do just one post of Valentine's Day, and realized I have far too much for just one post. So we're going to break it up people. First off:

Perfect excuse to brighten up your look with some neon pink lips.

Try some fun pink nail designs- they have some cute ideas here.

Try some pink or red pants with some heart accessories from Bando. Love their sequin heart clips!

The perfect little dress for a Valentine's Day date (from Modcloth).

Also an excuse for some pretty lingerie. Whether your single or have a date, it always feels good to wear something pretty underneath. (source)
Pair it with these gorgeous Monica Bellucci lace-covered satin mules. Sexy and sweet all at once.

These Marc by Marc Jacobs Love Stud Earrings (via Real Simple) would look cute with any outfit.

For more Valentine's Day ideas, check out my Valentine's Day board on Pinterest or stay tuned for more V-Day tips throughout the day!

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