Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As this new year approaches I feel more excited than usual when a new year rolls around. I'm not sure why. In 2011 I want to embrace the things I'm doing right, and develop certain traits that I am lacking. So here are my non-goals, the choices and habits that I like :
1. Keep reading as much as possible. Continue to learn from others through reading about the things you love and other peoples' experiences.
2. Continue to develop good financial habits.
3. Keep spending time with your sister. Having a lifelong friendship and sister is continually such a blessing in your life.
4. Continue to seek the creative outlets that make you feel more alive.

My goals:
1. Make exercise a regular part of your life. Seriously. Your body will thank you in the long-run (and hopefully the short-run too).
2. Develop the discipline required to make yourself put aside time each day to spend with God. Don't just know God, but live with him day-in and day-out.
3. Take full advantage of this oppourtunity you have to save money. Be frugal. Don't buy things you don't absolutely need. Spend the next three months (Jan1st- March 31) SAVING AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE!
4. Continue to work step by step towards creating a career that you love where you can use your creative urges.
5. Take at least one picture everyday.
6. Don't compare.

And finally, my recent obsession with the color gold (my new gold toms make me so happy!). Which you may be seeing in the upcoming photoshoot that I have planned. I have been majorly slacking lately in the photography-developing department, but that will change! Any model volunteers? You'll get free photos!

Have a happy and sparkly New year!
(photo from designsponge)

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